Microwaves destroy the vitamins in the fruit and vegetables?

Penetrating the rumor that vitamin-rich food such as fruit or vegetables in no case in the microwave. The taste suffers and the food is muddy and unsightly. And in the end all the vitamins and nutrients are destroyed and burned out. You could just as well be made of cardboard carton to eat and had the same nutritional value.

So it is better to warm vegetables in the pot?

The thawing and heat food in the microwave energy and works especially time-saving. The question that arises here is: but the nutrients are spared? Damage microwave vitamins?

The answer is simple: No, the opposite is the case.

The enemies of the vitamins and nutrients are the cooking time and the degree of heating. The longer the vegetables with heat and a lot of fluid to face the more water soluble and heat-sensitive vitamins and minerals are lost. In the cooking pot is vegetables such as happy times in a greater quantity of water is heated. The right of the nutrients schwemmt rule and the vitamins from suffering. A overview about the best microwaves you will find on http://www.mikrowelle-tests.info

This concerns especially vitamin C and various vitamins of the B group, such as B6 and B12. But also the sensitive folic acid, also often referred to as vitamin B9. This the body needs for growth, cell division and blood formation. It is included in tomatoes, asparagus and peas. In a series of experiments it was found that for frozen peas in the microwave to heat up approximately 12 percent of the vitamin is lost. They are heated in the cooking pot, we lose almost a third of folic acid.

Does this sound familiar to you? The heating and durchgaren could be one of the reasons why, in industrialised countries a folic acid deficiency is widely used. The use of the Microwave could have a positive impact on this fact.

Why is the the better choice?

Microwaves are a combination of electric and magnetic waves. But these are not in the position of the molecules of our food chemically to change. But water molecules in oscillation mode is something you really master. The water molecules on tenterhooks in the electrical field change back and forth. This heat is generated. The big advantage of the microwave in the contrast to the cooking pot or the steamer is that no or hardly any additional water from the outside must be fed. The water molecules are located directly in the vegetables and heat it so to speak, from the inside.

This type of heat production protects the vitamins. So it is – despite all the prophecies of doom – not the microwave, the vitamins and nutrients kills harmful, but the nature of the heating process. But if you want the vegetables still too long in the microwave durchgart, also helps the gentle heat nothing. Then there is the matter of the bite in the box but perhaps it is not quite as absurd. After all, the cardboard packaging fiber.

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Paris St Germain is national champion

What the Bavaria has often succeeded, now also worked in Paris St Germain. However much earlier than the munch designers in the last few years has been a success. Paris St Germain has a uneinholbaren lead raises and is now the national champions have been crowned.

In the Ligue 1 are you with 77 points very clear cup winner. The table second AS Monaco is far behind with 52 points behind it. Zlatan Ibarahimovic celebrated himself and his team and shot in less than ten minutes directly three gates.

A victory which the title perfectly makes

against the table last lap the elf from Paris St Germain in a breathtaking victory. With a 9:0 victory they left the place and won the championship title in advance of the Ligue 1 in France. It Troyes AC had to be in the game alone four gates by Super Star Ibrahimovic in own gate revenues. The association is now already eight days before the end of the season uneinholbar at the top of the table. Against a weak and loose chance team could Paris St Germain big football games. At the end they took the opponent it Troyes AC control law apart.

The opening made Edinson Cavani after a disastrous pass from Matthieu Saunier in the 13. Minute. Then it was a blow by blow or gate to gate. Javier Pastore increased in the 17. Minute on a 2:0, two minutes later she met Adrien Rabiot for later 3:0 pause. Shocked by the result of the players of disappeared Troyes AC in the cab and sensed not what in the second half was going to happen. Zlatan Ibrahimovic led the team control law. In the minutes of play 46, 52 and 55 he scored 3 goals with a hat-trick. In total he shot this in a total of 115 games already 102 goals in the French league. The new national best brand could the Swede as equally Mita ufst cubits.

The opponent was a chance

the opponent Troyes AC was so confused that it to own goal by Saunier in the 58. Minute of the game came. Cavanie achieved then in the 75. Minute of the game another gate and the conclusion was the gate by Ibrahimovic, in the 88. Minute of the game to the 9:0 LED. A glorious final standings against a chance to solve opponents.

The Erflog last succeeded in the Champions League as it is directed against the Chelsea FC won. With rich 25 points ahead of the second table Paris Monaco can be the main City Club is fully concentrate on the Champions League. On the coming weekend receives Paris Monaco the association. The Odds at CashPoint are at 1.36 for a victory for Paris. Monaco is a winner with a rate of 8 in the lot. A draw is scheduled with 4.75.

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Betsafe Freebet

On 18. March 2016 is the lot Schalke 04 vs. Borussia Moenchengladbach on the game plan. For the Gladbacher Hahn a game where he would like to prove that his four-month break nothing to its shape has changed. He wants to be against Schalke shoot a goal.

In the first leg went to cock a fracture of the tibial head as well as an outdoor meniscus on the left knee. No wonder that it burns, again against the Schalke to run. With betsafe now you can the Federal League free live bet safe and 10 euros. This requires no more than a bit of luck and an account with the betting provider.
Now quickly the free live bet back

who is at the betsafe action, a bet of 25 Euro to the qualifying Pre-Match Schalke 04 vs. Borussia Moenchengladbach. In this way you can have a 10 euro free live bet. The wager must be 25 euros and to include a ratio of 1.50. This action cases in addition to tax 5 percent, which means that the customer must insert a total of 26,25 Euro in order to qualify.

If the customer would like to take advantage of the free live bet, this must be the box “FB amount” on the bet slip button. The free wager must be set before the start of the game. Before a payment or the money with other products can be used in the net profit of the free wager within 7 days after receipt of a minimum quota of 1.50 or later. The implementation is done in the form of a sports betting. If the customer does not meet the conditions, all bonuses and winnings will expire.
All other rules of the game overview

The betsafe offer is only valid for the federal league game “Schalke 04 vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach” on 17. March 2016. The qualifying bet must be on rates of 1.50 or later. This applies in the case of combined quotas in combination. Per person, family, household, address, e-mail address and common computer if the action can only be used once. The conditions are broken, the betting provider reserves the right to betsafe players of the free wager to exclude.

The same applies in the case of the suspicion that the customer free live bet or other promotional offers to a guaranteed profit to Erlangen. Regardless of how the result fails, the free live bet and all bonuses resulting credits will be canceled. The Free Bet of Betsafe is only for players from Germany.

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Pinnacle Sports is no longer on the German market

The betting provider Pinnacle Sports is no longer on the German market as the betting provider. This was the bookmaker known a few days ago. Pinnacle was known for the best rates for bets to deliver and profit margins of 2 percent.

The betting provider is in more than 200 countries, for Germany however is the end has come. The German betting is the little look. There was always bets to high-limit setting. Also the betting odds were cheaper than on betting exchanges.

Pinnacle Sports end in Germany has come

the betting provider Pinnacle, with good betting odds attracted, will no longer be active in Germany. The betting friends but the well preserved betting article to help the bets to continuously improve. The official statement of the betting provider is as follows: “Due to regulatory changes, we will not be able to offer our services to residents of Germany. We apologise for any confusion this causes but the circumstances are entirely outside of our control.” It is read that it is not in the power of the betting provider was that they are no longer on the German market are represented.

For betting enthusiasts, the message in the first moment although not very encouraging, but there are still plenty of alternatives on the German market. Optionally you can bet365 called in comparison with sportwetten.net on place 1. The bookmaker offers betting inspire since the year 2000 a large number of betting odds, great live betting or convinces with the bet365 app. In the first deposit the player receives a 100% bonus on the to a maximum value of 100 Euro to be redeemed. The minimum deposit amount is 10 Euro.
Pinnacle Sports end in Germany does not mean the betting

you can also BetVictor as the betting provider can be used. Here players can also with a good selection of bets and the associated rates expected. More about who would like to learn bet3000, the exchange of experience and test reports of the betting provider review. This provider also offers good rates and long years of experience in the area of sporting bets.

Betting friends and enthusiasts can continue with good rates for said betting providers expected. The Bookmakers provide daily new quotas, a good selection of options include. Everything that the betting friend now make it must, if not already done, is the betting provider carefully and then set up an account in order to continue to enjoy sports betting.

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Sports betting in Germany legal or not?

This question arises in this country quite often and was at least equally often tries to answer. Due to the increasing spread of online sports betting are also more and more opportunities to bet on the Internet, to the same extent but also increasing uncertainty as to whether this is permitted at all or not.

So far the situation in Germany is very confusing, because although many vendors with the word “legal” promoted, was not strictly so that it was a gray area. Only the state supplier Oddset is likely due to the State betting monopoly sports betting offer. Now this has changed.

Sports betting are permitted in Germany?

To this question in a short and succinct to answer: Yes, they are. Online Sports Betting is therefore nothing to give legally prohibited. There are also plenty of betting offices, has for years been bets. However, these have nothing to do with the release of betting on the Internet to do, because here is the current situation in a completely different.

The reason for the legality is the change in the thinking of the government in the year 2011. It is due to the pressure, also by the European Court of Justice, decided that the market for a few providers to open (partial opening).

Meanwhile, some 20 betting provider official licenses to a number of conditions and high betting taxs are bound – this amounts to 5 percent of the betting turnover. In the betting control can also be seen, if those of Germany from the betting providers are collected, it must also be allowed somehow.

In Schleswig-Holstein has this model are not connected and a complete opening sought. The first licenses have been awarded and are at least up to the year 2018 is valid. There are the taxs significantly less so was a tax of around 20 per cent of net profits are planned, also for the bookmaker itself is much more planning security allows you as a tax on the turnover. If this model has a future, but is not yet, because the government already in this federal state has been replaced. Suppliers in the German International still controversial argent virtually every supplier has its company headquarters abroad, but within the European Union such as Malta or Gibraltar, is however still in an uncertain legal situation.

The German authorities also disagree about whether the bet there is legal. There is therefore still a certain gray zone, which thanks to the taxs (see above) but already some clarity. Anxiety about a prosecution on the basis of online sports betting you need but no, because for the authorities, there is no legal basis. It is also never a case in this direction had become known. This applies to the entire market for online poker gambling and betting. The reason for this is the fact that lawyers can not be sure that the game due to the foreign server in Germany or abroad. In the end, the current development in a very positive light. Who wants to go on the safe should the betting provider with tax, such as Select bet365, Tipico or interactive betting and various sports bet Nabi eter compare. In the future should the situation continue to enlighten them so that sports betting can be delivered completely legal.

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