28th February 2020 Digital Marketing Agency

4 Types Of Facebook Ads Everyone Should Be Trying

When it comes to Facebook Ads there are so many options, so what types of ads should you be running to get the best return?

Here is our top 4 suggestions we recommend;

1. Top Funnel Video

We know that right now the video ads across all networks are the powerhouse and lead in terms of the Ad Game. Video Ads tend to drive traffic to the website with a very low Cost Per Click, in some cases we have seen it work out around £0.15 a click!

Video Ads are versatile meaning that you can always change CTA’s, whether it be directing the traffic to a landing page on your website or set certain events on the video so that it can start funnel drip video series that will keep them on Facebook!.

No matter what you CTA is, this strategy is used to build audiences. Either your building a strong retargeting audience based on the lists of the website or build up a well engaged audience that will eventually visit your website.

2. Facebook Newsfeed Ads 

The goal of this type of ad to stop people scrolling through their newsfeed and direct them to your content. You would want to keep the CPC low on this type of ad as you want to build the audience, if you are doing a good job on the ad, then the ads will have a high relevance score which is boost in getting more clicks/impressions on the ad.

For this type of ad you would want a gif as they seem to out-perform the standard static images on Facebook, but make sure to test different images and styles to keep the designs fresh.

Animated, Static and Video Ads that are used at the top of the funnel help to push the content is the best way to keep the cost low, due to the low CPC. It expands your audience numbers which helps you set up for the next set of ads to help to move your audience through the funnel.

3. Newsfeed Ad Driving to Lead Magnet

So now we have managed to move down the Funnel and have a number of people who are aware of the business and your services. Whether it was just sending users to a page or setting a certain event, You always need to make sure there is a relevant CTA.

Assuming they visited a certain page, we would know their interest by looking at what they clicked on and on what offer.

After running the top funnel ads for a while, you should have a decent audience to retarget, By running these ads to this audience it should perform a lot better as they shown interest in the top funnel comparing it running the ad and targeting cold traffic.

4. Hyper-Targeted Retargeting Ads

Focusing and carefully choosing what audience to target for specific ads is very vital as you do no want to waste money on unnecessary traffic to the landing page. You would need to make sure the ad copies and the ads are all different so that they don’t see the same ad, as they would of clicked the original one.

Retargeting Ads tends to perform well and is cost effective to reach people who have a interest in your business.

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