Maximise touch points with display retargeting

Never be forgotten again by customers who visit your website without making a purchase

Control touch points and master the buying cycle

We keep banging on about it, but it’s true. The average consumer needs around 10-12 touch points with your brand before they’ll take the purchasing plunge. That means delivering cohesive messaging and visuals across multiple online channels and networks to build a strong brand journey is vital. Cue display retargeting; the best way to re-engage recent website visitors and increase conversion rates by maximising those touch points and controlling what users see at different stages in their buying cycle.

With the programmatic bidding landscape of display becoming even more difficult to optimise correctly (we won’t bore you with the technicalities), rest assured that Proventus are experts within this advertising space.

Maximise your return on investment

ROI! ROI! ROI! Due to their highly relevant nature, display retargeting campaigns are usually one of the highest yield channels. However, it’s not as easy as just turning the campaign on and watching the money roll in.

Proventus’s process of creating and segmenting audiences by the content they viewed and technology, allows us to track users at any stage of their buying cycle and gives you more control of what ads the individuals see at any stage of their purchasing process. Increasing conversion rates and maximising ROAS!

Even if your current retargeting campaigns have good conversion rates, there is always room for improvement. Stagnation will always happen without optimisation and with competitors propping up all the time, you need to stay at the top of your game.

Dynamic and rich media adverts

Been impressed by a jazzy animated ad in the past? So have we, and so have your customers. Make your ads stand out with dynamic and rich media adverts. On average, rich media adverts have double the CTR’s when compared to static adverts, increasing engagement maximises touch points from users with your brand and product/service.

Dynamic adverts are also a great way to show audiences the most relevant content. By utilising Google shopping feeds, you can show the exact product a user viewed on the site. Therefore reminding the user of the product and increasing conversion rates. Clever stuff!

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