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Shopping ads

Google shopping ads now equate to 77% of retail search advertising spend, so now is the time to dominate your competitors with expert setup, optimisation and management from Proventus.

Our PPC experts have been helping businesses with their Google shopping ads from the days where it was a non-paid offering, so it’s safe to say we know our stuff. We know how exactly how to boost your profits through Google shopping ads, increasing ROI and lowering cost per acquisition.

Full management of Merchant Centre

Let us take care of the setup, optimisation and management of your Google Merchant Centre to ensure everything is running smoothly and achieve a 100% active rate to help boost performance and increase shopping rankings.

Plus, Proventus Marketing can help implement promotions on individual products within Merchant Centre to help increase click-through rate and, in-turn, increase shopping rank and conversion rate. We will also help optimise product descriptions to enable products listing for generic keyword terms – proven to maximise overall impressions and aid return on ad spend!

Cohesive Optimisation

From Merchant Centre to Google ads, Proventus has a wealth of experience implementing strategic optimisation to increase visibility in Google Shopping.

As part of your cohesive strategy, we segment campaigns heavily to give you the power of control. With our campaign setup, we can control daily spend, bid adjustments, time of day, day of the week, device, location and more on an individual product!

With such comprehensive control on individual products, Proventus can ensure an increase in overall performance on a product by product basis.

To find out more about how Google Shopping ads work in our lead generation funnel marketing campaigns, download our lead generation funnel marketing strategy whitepaper below;

See how Google Shopping ads work in our unique lead generation funnel strategies:

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