23rd July 2019 Digital Marketing Agency

Is it time to re-design your website?

Okay, so your website might not look as bad as the one above (it’s real by the way), but that doesn’t mean your work is done.

Potential situation:

You’re doing fantastic, business is booming, and your online advertising efforts have cemented great results, but you feel like you can do even better. But re-designing your website is a risk, right? What if I hurt my SEO rankings and conversion rate dips? Knowing when to re-design your site to increase performance can be a tricky decision, but we’re here to help you!

So your current setup is working, you’re getting conversions at a steady rate. However, you know it can be improved, and you have other things to spend money on, I’m sure you can find many reasons to stick with what you’ve got, however, a new website that is specifically designed to provide a return on your investment and increase the number of leads could be worth the risk.

Selecting The Right Web Design Company

The key is to work with a web design company that understands that the purpose of a website is to generate leads. Any technical or design details need to meet this criterion. The goal is to make the web pages as easy as possible for visitors to access, straight forward to navigate and find what they want, feel reassured that you are a company to do business with and to take action.

What’s right for one company isn’t going to work for another, so you need to find a web design company that takes time to find out about your business, your customers and your goals. Being clear about how you see the website contributing to your wider marketing and business plan can aid these discussions.

Personalised Content

In addition, you need to work on content – video, infographics, images and text which speaks to your ideal customers, attract their interest and engages them. They need to feel that you are talking their language, that there is a natural connection, so they favour your company over the competition.

Content creation is such an underlooked importance to the web design process, and with that in mind, there is nobody better than yourself on writing content for your business. You know the best ways of presenting your business to your target audience. You want to make your content and the buying journey as engaging and user-friendly as possible, If you need help with content creation, engaging the services of a video production company, graphic artist or copywriter can be an excellent decision for increasing conversion rates.

Investment in SEO and online advertising

Another important consideration is not to blow the entire marketing on the web design. A live website needs to be actively promoted. It needs to earn its place in the rankings, and the only way to achieve this is with on-going search engine optimisation. If you’ve previously achieved a good rank, then you can build on this, but if SEO hasn’t been something that you’ve given much attention to, it’s time for a change.

As an absolute minimum, you want a web design company that will optimise your pages and kick start proceedings with at least three months of SEO activity. You can then decide whether it is wise to continue the arrangement or start undertaking the work yourself.

With expert input from you and the web design company, there is no reason why investment in a website re-design can’t soon be showing tangible improvements in conversion rates and leads. Average e-commerce stores should have a conversion rate of at least 3% and b2b at around 1.5%. So if you’re not currently achieving, then it’s time to look at your options.

How can Proventus Digital help?

Proventus Digital is a full service digital marketing agency, with very high web design and web development capabilities. With success stories on re-branding and re-designing websites to increase performance and deliver best ever sales months.