Microwaves destroy the vitamins in the fruit and vegetables?

Penetrating the rumor that vitamin-rich food such as fruit or vegetables in no case in the microwave. The taste suffers and the food is muddy and unsightly. And in the end all the vitamins and nutrients are destroyed and burned out. You could just as well be made of cardboard carton to eat and had the same nutritional value.

So it is better to warm vegetables in the pot?

The thawing and heat food in the microwave energy and works especially time-saving. The question that arises here is: but the nutrients are spared? Damage microwave vitamins?

The answer is simple: No, the opposite is the case.

The enemies of the vitamins and nutrients are the cooking time and the degree of heating. The longer the vegetables with heat and a lot of fluid to face the more water soluble and heat-sensitive vitamins and minerals are lost. In the cooking pot is vegetables such as happy times in a greater quantity of water is heated. The right of the nutrients schwemmt rule and the vitamins from suffering. A overview about the best microwaves you will find on http://www.mikrowelle-tests.info

This concerns especially vitamin C and various vitamins of the B group, such as B6 and B12. But also the sensitive folic acid, also often referred to as vitamin B9. This the body needs for growth, cell division and blood formation. It is included in tomatoes, asparagus and peas. In a series of experiments it was found that for frozen peas in the microwave to heat up approximately 12 percent of the vitamin is lost. They are heated in the cooking pot, we lose almost a third of folic acid.

Does this sound familiar to you? The heating and durchgaren could be one of the reasons why, in industrialised countries a folic acid deficiency is widely used. The use of the Microwave could have a positive impact on this fact.

Why is the the better choice?

Microwaves are a combination of electric and magnetic waves. But these are not in the position of the molecules of our food chemically to change. But water molecules in oscillation mode is something you really master. The water molecules on tenterhooks in the electrical field change back and forth. This heat is generated. The big advantage of the microwave in the contrast to the cooking pot or the steamer is that no or hardly any additional water from the outside must be fed. The water molecules are located directly in the vegetables and heat it so to speak, from the inside.

This type of heat production protects the vitamins. So it is – despite all the prophecies of doom – not the microwave, the vitamins and nutrients kills harmful, but the nature of the heating process. But if you want the vegetables still too long in the microwave durchgart, also helps the gentle heat nothing. Then there is the matter of the bite in the box but perhaps it is not quite as absurd. After all, the cardboard packaging fiber.

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