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Case study

Oliver Deeley

What the client says

“Proventus Marketing helped me and my team deliver our vision into a reality. We began planning to open our first fine arts gallery in the summer of 2019 (with the aim to launch another gallery within the next 12 months) and needed a memorable brand that was classic, yet modern. Laura was a delight to deal with from start to finish and worked closely with us to design our logo and establish our brand identity, before helping to create additional design work ready for the gallery’s launch in November 19. It was a joy to work with a team that could bring our ideas to life and guide us with industry knowledge – we couldn’t recommend their team more!”

Oliver Deeley

Project introduction

Brand new for 2019, Nova Fine Art is a beautiful gallery in the heart of Royal Leamington Spa, offering the very best of contemporary fine art. Boasting a huge portfolio of artsits, Nova Fine Art promises to captivate every visitor with their enchanting range of works. If you visit (which we strongly advise!), be prepared to fall in love with at least 3 peices and take them home with you.

In early 2019, we were absolutely thrilled to be offered the opportunity to work alongisde Oliver and the other founders of Nova, to help them design the brand identity and bring their vision to life. With no visual identity already established, we worked closely with the team to design the logo, select the brand colours and fonts before starting on some of their marketing materials.

Services required

  • Logo Design & Brand Identity
  • Business Cards
  • Window Vinyls
  • A4 Folders
  • Compliment Slips
  • Email Signature
  • Internal Digital Documents

Getting started

Having been in the art industry for many years, Oliver and the team were able to clearly define their target audience, their brand values and position in a competitive space, giving them a strong vision for their brand. This was incredibly helpful for us and we were able to use their invaluable knowledge to give us a head start in the research stage of the logo design process.

Oliver had a good idea of what he wanted the logo to look like, and was clear that it should be timeless and classic yet modern. To kick things off, we started with 3 logo mock-ups that were closely related to Oliver’s imaginings, which we evolved over a series of stages to arrive at the final design.

The challenges

As Nova Fine Art planned on having a strong online and offline presence (as any brick and mortar business should!) the logo and all branding needed to be flexible to suit all online and printed requirements. To make the branding consistent wherever applied, we focused on a couple of areas:

Responsive logo

Our job was actually made easy here. As Oliver was very keen to feature a monogram in the logo, to use in the full logo and also on it’s own. This allowed us to create the logo in multiple orientations, ensuring that the logo worked in any format, whether it be large on the gallery’s facade or extra small on the business cards!

Brand colours

Anyone that’s ever worked in print and digital at the same time will know the difficulties in exact colour matching. With so many variables to affect the colour in printed materials, we wanted to make sure that Nova’s brand colours were as consistent as possible whether on the website, business cards or umbrellas.

We went through a extensive process, working closely with Oliver, to choose the brand colours of navy and gold. Our solution was to select Pantone colours that we knew could be closely matched in CMYK and RGB.

The work

As a brand new business, there were lots of materials that Oliver and the team needed desiging and creating before the launch in November 2019, including business cards, A4 folders for client certifications and internal digital documents.

One of the biggest projects that we worked on with Nova was designing and creating the vinyls to cover the windows whilst the gallery space was being completed. The design was slightly challenging as we had 4 windows panels in which the design had to be split. There were also multiple goals that the design had to cover; introducing the brand, showcasing multiple artist’s work, announcing the launch, encouraging passers-by to visit the website and join the mailing list, as well as advertising the competition to win a signed limited edition by visiting the social media pages and sharing the hashtag. We were all really pleased with the finished result and it was a joy to see it up in all it’s glory!

Check out some of the examples of work we’ve completed for Nova!


It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Nova Fine Art and to share their jouney from business concept to a beautiful gallery space with an astonishing future ahead!

We look forward to continuing our parternship with Nova and working with them in the future to support their growth! If you’ve got any questions about the work we have mentioned, or would just like to found out more about Nova Fine Art – please get in touch and we’d be happy to oblige.

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