Enhance your paid social media campaigns

Revamp your foothold on the social media landscape

Increase touch points and engage your target audience

2019 stats revealed that around 3.4 billion people are active on at least one social media platform, spending an average 2 hours and 22 minutes every day scrolling! With such massive audiences available, dedicating so much of their time online to social media, not taking advantage of paid advertising across the social networks could be a significant missed opportunity!

Remember all those touch points you need? Well, social media advertising is a great, and easy, way to increase those touch points and help push users through the buying cycle quicker.

How do we improve performance?

Even though social media ads seem like an easy setup, optimisation is the most important part of any paid media campaign, regardless of channel or network. Most social media networks (most networks in general, in fact) won’t help optimise your campaigns for conversions and return on ad spend. This means it’s likely you could be wasting some budget on audiences that aren’t engaging with your ads and therefore have low conversion rates and a high cost per acquisition = no business or marketing growth.

What Social Media platforms can Proventus help with?

Our team have expertise in all the big social media ad platforms, with a focus on the following platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn. Our years of experience running ads on various social media ad platforms, indicate that these are the platforms with the best performance based on the overall return on ad spend.

If you’re not sure what platforms to use in your strategy, no problemo. Part of our “under the hood” process and strategy building is understanding your target market and the best places to engage with them. Based on this, we will then recommend what platforms to use and where to best use your budget. Return on investment is always the goal and we’re here to ensure you achieve it.

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