Case study

Michaela Grossi

What the client says

“Proventus Marketing has been a crucial and integral part of our marketing over the past few months. Having run the same paid media strategy for the best part of the year, it was great to get Alex and his team in to review previous performance and make recommended changes. Proventus not only developed a paid media strategy but redefined our whole digital marketing process and presence. Ultimately increasing our lead to sales rate to 22.30% in just one month! Proventus don’t beat around the bush, they are honest and upfront, they will tell you what works and what doesn’t work, something I think you don’t find in many digital agencies. I would highly recommend Proventus Marketing!”

Michaela Grossi

Project introduction

Founded in 2016, PlayMore.Golf is the 21st century way to play golf. This revolutionary solution makes golf affordable and accessible to everyone, allowing members to play at all times of the week and receive actual member benefits at their home club – all for just £325 per year!

A totally innovative product that benefits both golf clubs and players alike, PlayMore.Golf have built a platform that gives golf clubs access to new, flexible golf members and increases their revenue streams; as well as allowing casual golfers that can’t play on a weekly basis an affordable way to have a genuine membership at their local golf clubs.

As lovers of innovation, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a great product and team. If you’re into your golf, or you just want to give it a go, check PlayMore.Golf out – we honestly couldn’t recommend the product more.

Services required

  • Marketing consultancy
  • Paid media management
  • Paid search – Google & Bing
  • Paid social media – Facebook & Instagram
  • Marketing plan creation
  • Ad design

Getting started

Despite having run online paid media campaigns including social media and Google search & display since Q4 2016, PlayMore.Golf (PMG) had always struggled to achieve the results that would help them drive their business forward. In September 2019 they’d had enough of their existing agency delivering no results and no solutions, and began working with Proventus Marketing to turn things around.

Michaela and Alastair had a very clear vision of the results we needed to achieve to be able to continue working with them and to ensure campaigns entered return on investment for the first time in many, many months… It was time for us to show them our worth!

The challenges

PlayMore.Golf has a great product offering so our job was to help them strategise a strong marketing plan to help the business reach the next level. Having been disappointed by the poor performance previously generated by paid media, the team were hesitant to include it in the plan, so we had to build their trust and show them (if done right) how powerful paid media can be.

Paid social media:

Our first job was to optimise the campaigns that were currently running but re-shape their delivery. We then started to run a range of different ad, optimising the copy to increase click-through rate and, mainly, increase conversion rate.


The existing lead-to-sale rate was very low from all paid media sources, which was frustrating to the membership sales team and the business as a whole. One of our key goals was to increase the quality of leads coming from paid media sources to enable return from ad spend.

Paid search & display retargeting:

With very limited work done in the past on Google and Bing, we needed to completely overhaul the accounts and start generating high quality leads and sales from these networks. We did this by creating an in-depth lead generation funnel strategy that guided leads through a bespoke marketing journey to convert them to customers.

The work

After the discovery phase, we jumped straight into mapping out an in-depth lead generation funnel marketing plan lead by paid media, that included other marketing channels. The goal was simple – to get the campaigns to deliver actual return quickly, increase the lead to sale rate by increasing the quality of lead coming from paid sources and save money within the overall marketing budget. Easy peasy…eh?

Within the first 4 weeks of the new campaigns going live, we were able to increase return on investment from -90.71% to a whopping 145.63%.

The lead to sale rate from the month prior to our first full month running PlayMore.Golf paid media campaigns went from 0.32% to 22.30%!

Some truly amazing results came from our initial setup and optimisation of the accounts; however, our work is nowhere near done. We now need to help PlayMore.Golf hit instant return from every penny spent on paid media sources. November 19 continued this trend and we saw an average life time value ROI rise to 239.11% in month 2.

We also hit a mid-term ROI goal within the first 8 weeks of running the campaigns which has pushed us months ahead of schedule!

145.63% ROI

Increased from -90.71% in just 4 weeks

22.30% Lead to Sale

Increased from 0.32%

239.11% ROI increase from -90%

ROI in month 2


The business-changing results we’ve been able to achieve are a testament to the Proventus team and their skills and hard work.

With such swift increases in all areas we have been smashing through goals and setting even higher ones. We love working with PlayMore.Golf and we hope to continue breaking barriers and increasing profits in the future.

It’s an honour to work with Alastair and Michaela at PlayMore.Golf and the work we have achieved so far and what we’re going to help them build through 2020 & 2021 will be truly astonishing.

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