Sports betting in Germany legal or not?

This question arises in this country quite often and was at least equally often tries to answer. Due to the increasing spread of online sports betting are also more and more opportunities to bet on the Internet, to the same extent but also increasing uncertainty as to whether this is permitted at all or not.

So far the situation in Germany is very confusing, because although many vendors with the word “legal” promoted, was not strictly so that it was a gray area. Only the state supplier Oddset is likely due to the State betting monopoly sports betting offer. Now this has changed.

Sports betting are permitted in Germany?

To this question in a short and succinct to answer: Yes, they are. Online Sports Betting is therefore nothing to give legally prohibited. There are also plenty of betting offices, has for years been bets. However, these have nothing to do with the release of betting on the Internet to do, because here is the current situation in a completely different.

The reason for the legality is the change in the thinking of the government in the year 2011. It is due to the pressure, also by the European Court of Justice, decided that the market for a few providers to open (partial opening).

Meanwhile, some 20 betting provider official licenses to a number of conditions and high betting taxs are bound – this amounts to 5 percent of the betting turnover. In the betting control can also be seen, if those of Germany from the betting providers are collected, it must also be allowed somehow.

In Schleswig-Holstein has this model are not connected and a complete opening sought. The first licenses have been awarded and are at least up to the year 2018 is valid. There are the taxs significantly less so was a tax of around 20 per cent of net profits are planned, also for the bookmaker itself is much more planning security allows you as a tax on the turnover. If this model has a future, but is not yet, because the government already in this federal state has been replaced. Suppliers in the German International still controversial argent virtually every supplier has its company headquarters abroad, but within the European Union such as Malta or Gibraltar, is however still in an uncertain legal situation.

The German authorities also disagree about whether the bet there is legal. There is therefore still a certain gray zone, which thanks to the taxs (see above) but already some clarity. Anxiety about a prosecution on the basis of online sports betting you need but no, because for the authorities, there is no legal basis. It is also never a case in this direction had become known. This applies to the entire market for online poker gambling and betting. The reason for this is the fact that lawyers can not be sure that the game due to the foreign server in Germany or abroad. In the end, the current development in a very positive light. Who wants to go on the safe should the betting provider with tax, such as Select bet365, Tipico or interactive betting and various sports bet Nabi eter compare. In the future should the situation continue to enlighten them so that sports betting can be delivered completely legal.

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