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Ian Dipple - Marketing & Communications Manager

What the client says

“Before working with Proventus, getting our message out to audiences online in the community hasn’t always been easy. The team at Proventus and their technology helped us reach over a million impressions within the Wychavon District, along with good ROI on the ‘clip and collect garden waste’ offering, we’ve already renewed their software and expertise for another 6 months and will continue our partnership for the foreseeable future.”

Ian Dipple - Marketing & Communications Manager

Project introduction

With the need for county and district councils across the UK to meet growing demands and engage with their local communities becoming ever-more crucial; Proventus Marketing have been tasked with helping councils across the country to expand their online reach.

The core focus of the project has been enabling the councils to push their community campaigns online to improve visibility, encourage interaction and generally bridge the gap with the public. Some example campaigns include ‘One You’, which focused on small changes for a healthier lifestyle, as well as campaigns to promote new bin services. Making use of Facebook, Google, Instagram (and other programmatic advertising networks) via the Quantum ad server, Proventus has been able to deliver a variety of messages directly to communities across many different areas.

Many councils are now starting to get the support they need to step into the world of online and reach the public more conveniently, so it’s been a real pleasure to be a part of that journey – and we hope to continue! If you’re interested in finding out more about your local council – check

Services required

  • Marketing consultancy
  • Paid media management
  • Paid social media – Facebook & Instagram
  • Ad design
  • Quantum network

Getting started – Wychavon District Council

As Wychavon District Council already have marketing and digital managers, our goal was to use the Quantum network to further their reach online and improve the performance of their social media ads.

We had the pleasure of working with Ian who helped us setup the tracking revelant to ensure we were targeting the right homeowners for  ‘contamination’ and ‘garden waste’ campaigns.

The challenges

Wychavon Councils’ main goals were to inform the community about multiple contamination issues regarding adding un-suitable waste to green bins, and to promote their ‘clip and collect’ garden waste pick-up service. With around 3,000 page followers on Facebook and no real following on other platforms, there was a large job in ensuring everyone in the area got the messages.

Paid social media:

We felt that social media was going to be one of the best ways for us to get the message to as many people as possible in the area. We started by setting a radius of the whole Wychavon Council district to enable us to get the message to as many individuals as possible.

Sales for “Clip and Collect”:

As the campaign was partly brand awareness, but also sales generation, ensuring we were targeting the right individuals for the ‘clip and collect’ was essential to deliver return on investment. This meant making sure we were only targeting areas in the Wychavon district that would be interested in purchasing the additional service.

Quantum Retargeting: 

Using the exclusive Quantum network allowed us to re-engage users across the net. Additional touch points are key in any campaigns, especially brand awareness and sale generation campaigns. With us maximising the amount of times individuals see both messages increases performance of the project.

The work

Ian and the team were thrilled with the results that the campaigns delivered, with over 244 likes, shares and comments (that were all very positive) from the community. The campaigns generated a total of 5,901 Clicks to the Wychavon Council website from a total of 1,371,265 Impressions and a healthy click-through rate of 0.43%.

The campaigns length was 5 weeks and generated a total of 47 ‘clip and collect’ sales.

Over the 5 week campaign, there was an significant uplift in traffic and ‘clip and collect’ sales.

Both Proventus and Wychavon District Council were impressed with how the audiences got behind the ‘no clothes in your green bin’ campaign. Reaching a large percentage of the Wychavon Council district.

Despite the short campaign runtime, Wychavon District Council achieved the results they needed, including a huge community reaction to the ‘contamination’ ads and high level of sales on the ‘clip and collect.

47 Clip and Collect Sales

Over 70% of total sales generated

1mil+ ad impressions

+ 5,901 clicks generated

244 Shares, Likes & Comments

All within 5 weeks


We’re extremely proud to say that we work with Her Majesty’s Government via district and county councils, and hope that our continued partnerships are a testement to the success that we can deliver for our clients.

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