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Case study

What the client says

“Using Quantum via Proventus has helped us reach students across the globe, from using it in the UK for Open Day events to student recruitment with some of our partners in Asia and Europe. Ian our account manager is amazing day to day, I couldn’t recommend their services more!”

Nick Petford

The University of Northampton works with Proventus Marketing to use the Quantum Marketing platform to promote a selection of services and events.

In this case study, we will focus on one of the most recent campaigns that the University of Northampton ran to increase the number of students joining a law degree in Pakistan. You can find out more about the course here: We focused on running display and retargeting campaigns via Quantum to deliver the message to relevant audiences in Pakistan to increase brand awareness and sign-ups to Shaheed Zulifqar Ali Bhutto University of Law.

The campaign

We designed and created a number of ads to be used across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram; as well as programmatic ad serving across the Google Display Network and Quantum ad network.


University of Northampton needed a big boost in interest and enquiries for the course to secure funding opportunities. Having run limited advertising around the course before running the display campaign with Quantum, reaching the right audiences straight away was key to ensuring low cost per acquisition, as well as limiting wasted spend on poor performing audiences.

Re-engagement was essential throughout the campaign, as multiple touchpoints were needed to engage the audiences in registering their interest in a 3 year higher degree university course.

With no retargeting list already available, push-display campaign strategies were crucial in the early stages to generate a list of possible candidates that would be interested in taking the course. Quantum’s smart targeting made it easy to target a specific demographic within Pakistan and optimise the audience based on engagement and sign-ups.





Conversion rate


Click-through rate


Cost per acquisition


Cost per click


Quantum generated over 17,000 clicks to relevant audiences over a 4-week period, with 1.7 million ads viewed and a click-through rate average of 1.00%!

With the majority of the campaign using push strategies to engage audiences with 0 touchpoints prior to seeing ads published by Quantum, a click-through rate of 1.00% was very impressive. Quantum delivered 17,000 clicks at a cost per click of only £0.23.

However, the biggest success of the campaign was generating 921 sign-ups to the course with a conversion rate of 5.41% and a cost per acquisition of only £4.34.

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