10th July 2019 Digital Marketing Agency

Why Funnel Marketing Improves Conversion Rates

What is funnel marketing?

In layman’s terms, it’s a way of breaking down the customer buying journey to aid increasing performance of each stage, then visualised in a traditional funnel from top to bottom, based on where an individual is in their buying cycle for a product / service.

Marketing and sales funnels have always existed, so why now is it helping to increase online advertising conversion rates?

Re-imaging the buying cycle and further breakthroughs in technology and tracking is now allowing lots of companies to control every touch point an end-user is seeing.

But why now is this becoming the core strategy for most online ad campaigns?

In our experience, the hardest part of any buying cycle is what we call “Lead Nurture” or middle of the funnel. After you have the initial interest from your target audience, getting them re-interested in your product / service and pushing them further down the funnel to a point where they are ready to buy.

The reason this is becoming increasingly more difficult is actually down to modern-day buying habits. Brand recognition and trust are very important to individuals and on average you need to generate at least 10-12 touch points with your brand alone before someone is ready to invest their cash in your business.

So how does funnel marketing improve this process?

With the ability to track all touch points of individual users across all channels and networks, we can help show the exact messaging, artwork and call to actions a user desires to see to move them through the funnel and get them to a purchase point quicker and more cost-effectively.

Imagine your normal business buying funnel, you have an initial touch point (what we call “Lead Interaction”) where your target audience first finds out about your product / service and engage initial interest.

Middle of the funnel (“Lead Nurture”) where you need to create further interest around your product / service and engage your target audience with more information and success stories, case studies, reviews, whitepaper, etc.

Finally the bottom of the funnel (“Lead Purchase”) your target audience has had enough touch points to purchase and shown enough interest to still be worth showing ads to, now is the time to show them offers & promotions or hard-hitting call to actions to enable that final goal.

Already you know what messaging would be good to show an individual at each of the above stages, now it’s being able to implement and deliver a strategy that can achieve that.

What are the normal channels used in a traditional funnel marketing campaign?

First, let’s look at how to make your strategy cohesive. Showing a cohesive brand message across a 360 spectrum, from online to offline media is something every marketer strives to achieve.

Sometimes there is a disconnect across online channels, with multiple agencies or in-house teams doing slightly different things across paid media, organic & social media. This can hurt a funnel marketing campaign as different messaging at different parts of an individuals buying cycle can mean dis-engagement of your product / service.

To get the best performance out of your funnel marketing campaigns, we would recommend running a cohesive strategy including, Paid Media, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media (organic and paid social).

Within Paid Media, running Paid Search, Programmatic Display & Retargeting and Google Shopping (if you’re selling a product). For SEO, making sure you have a cohesive outreach strategy, going after links that are relevant to your target audience.

Finally, on social media, pushing engaging content that your target audience will interact with. Social Media platforms are trying as hard as possible to lessen the results of organic social, so creating infographics, carousel, and video posts.

For Paid Social, ensuring the ads being pushed are the same as other advertising networks you’re using to keep that cohesion across all networks and channels.

How can Proventus help me deliver a funnel marketing strategy?

Proventus is at the forefront of funnel marketing with our own unique offering called lead generation funnel marketing. Focused on increasing the conversion rates of your campaign to generate more return on ad spend (ROAS), Proventus Marketing’s unique offering includes addition technology to help track individuals across multiple channels and networks, to ensure we’re showing the right message to every user at every stage of the funnel strategy.

With the strategy being very data-rich, it also helps us understand what individuals aren’t interested based on how they interact with ads at different stages, so enabling us to take them out of the funnel and decreasing waste of spend. Therefore, increasing the conversion rates of your online advertising campaigns and growing your business.

If you’re still unsure of how Proventus can help increase the performance of your online advertising, get in touch today for a demo!